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Respectful language shouldn't be hard

Better Allies

How to use?

01 / Add a ConvoArt Pause to the channel

Mention ConvoArt Pause directly in the message field /invite @convoart_pause or click the "Add an app" link in your channel.

02 / Send messages as usual

ConvoArt Pause gives private light-weight feedback to the user if the message might sound disrespectful to the recipient.


Q: When I install ConvoArt Pause, does it get added to every channel in my Slack workspace?
A: No. ConvoArt Pause is entirely opt-in. You decide which channels you want ConvoArt Pause to have access to.

Q: Does ConvoArt Pause store our Slack messages?
A: No. We parse your Slack messages and immediately discard them.

Privacy Policy

Learn more about ConvoArt Pause privacy policy here.

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