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Privacy Policy


​ConvoArt (“ConvoArt”, “we”, “us” and “our”) respects your privacy and is committed to taking reasonable steps towards protecting your privacy online and managing your information responsibly, in order to best understand the services that are most useful to you when using the ConvoArt Slack App.  This Privacy Policy explains how ConvoArt collects, uses and discloses information, and what options you have with respect to the collected information.

We are the sole owners of the information collected on this website and in the ConvoArt App in Slack. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone.

Data Collected


User messages or personal information (other than unique Slack ids) are not stored on our servers. We collect and store usage data and the result of our analyses for analytical purposes and to improve our product. 


How we use permissions


The app uses bot token scopes and it has access to conversations the ConvoArt bot has been invited to join. ConvoArt's AI analyzes messages posted to channels or groups it has been added to. When it detects a message that can be clarified or improved, it will privately notify the sender using an ephemeral message. 

How we use your data

We aggregate usage data and analysis results across many users to:

  • Study usage patterns

  • Calculate the prevalence of triggering language.

  • Analyze and improve the performance of our AI models.

We may use log data to debug production issues and to improve our product.

Data retention policy


Data for active clients is retained for at least as long as the application is installed in the workspace. After expiry, the data will be retained for at least a one year period. 

Users can request their data to be deleted via email to It may take us up to 30 days to process the request.



By using our service, you consent to this privacy policy.



For any questions, complaints, withdraw your consent, enforce your rights or to get more information on this privacy policy please contact

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