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Privacy Policy


We send your keyboard input to our server for analysis when you are using the extension. We don’t store your input on our servers, except when you submit it through our feedback form. We collect and store usage data and the result of our analyses for analytical purposes and to improve our product.

In more detail


By using ConvoArt Pause extension you consent to the following terms.


Data collection

  • Our extension captures your keyboard input (or a sent message) on third-party sites and sends it to our servers for analysis.

    • You can disable input capture entirely or for a given domain in extension settings.

  • Your captured input is not stored on our servers, except when you explicitly submit it using the feedback form.

  • You have an option to submit your feedback using the feedback form. The feedback that you submit will be stored on our servers and reviewed by engineers. You grant us an exclusive and irrevocable right to use the information that you submitted for analyzing the performance of our product and improving it. The information that you submit may be shared with our partners.

  • We collect and store data on analysis results, such as how confident we were in identifying triggering patterns in your input. Your input cannot be reconstructed from this data.

  • We collect data pertaining to your interactions with the product and the highlighted text, such as how often we highlighted text in your correspondence and how often you dismissed the highlighting.


  • We use cookies for analytical purposes. E.g., to calculate how many unique users used our extension on a given day and how many of them saw an alert from Pause.

How we use your data

  • We aggregate usage data and analysis results across many users to:

    • study usage patterns

    • calculate the prevalence of triggering language

    • analyze and improve the performance of our AI models.

  • We study your feedback data to improve our product.

  • We may use log data to debug production issues and to improve our product.


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