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Communicate with Empathy​

Why use us?


We know that virtual communication can be challenging. Research shows that emails and text messages are misinterpreted about 50% of the time. Misunderstanding is costly: people tend to assume the worst when communication isn’t clear.

So what's causing the communication breakdown? Lack of empathy for the other person and what they must be feeling in that moment.  We have trouble letting go of our own mindsets; we don't consider the receiver's perspective before we hit "send." That might be especially challenging in global teams where people come with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.


ConvoArt Pause is a Chrome browser extension that helps you avoid preventable conflict by analyzing your written communications on various websites [*] with state-of-the-art AI and highlighting messages that might come across as disrespectful or trigger a conflict.

[*] The extension currently analyzes your input on You can enable it on other sites by clicking on the extension icon right of the address bar and toggling a button, but keep in mind that we haven't tested the extension on other sites and it may be breaking their interface. We are working on testing and enabling more websites for analysis.

What does it look like?



Keep in mind this is an early version, so it may have bugs, for which we apologize in advance. We are relying on your help to find them. The extension shouldn’t break your experience on any websites, according to our testing, but if you notice that some website is behaving unusually, try disabling the extension by going to chrome://extensions and toggling the button as shown in the image below and reloading the misbehaving tab.

pasted image 0 (1).png

We also need your input if the text is mistakenly highlighted. Our machine-learned model is still in active development and will very likely give false positives. In particular, it may highlight some friendly jokes. If this happens, please send us feedback by clicking the "Submit Feedback" option in the overflow menu (three dots):

pasted image 0 (2).png



We outlined our policy here, but we would like to reiterate the most important part of it: the extension sends your input to our servers for analysis via a secure https channel, but we never store your input on our side (except when you submit it explicitly with your feedback).

We really can't wait for you to start using our extension and sharing your experiences. We thank you in advance for your time and for any feedback that you send us.

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